Uncovering the Artist

A friend posted an article about  Vivian Maier on Facebook. She came to light to the world when John Maloof bought a box of undeveloped film at a local thrift auction house. A nanny for most of her adult life, she was also an avid street photographer. Her photographs are stunning – black and white canvases that show life as it was and she hid them away from the world. We are fortunate that John Maloof bid on the box of film, learned about her, and shared her art with us. I can’t wait to see the movie “Finding Vivian Maier”, it looks fascinating.

I don’t know if the film will tell us why she didn’t share her photographs but it did get me to thinking about why so many of us hide the artist within us. Are we afraid that we will be judged, found wanting in some area? That we are not being the responsible adult that we need to be? So many of us are so quick to deny having any artistic capability and yet, I would argue, we live it out every day. Every day we create the canvas of our life, weaving in some comedy and some drama, splashing in colors of joy and despair. using our imaginations to create solutions for our daily dilemmas. This week, uncover the artist within. Acknowledge that you are an artist of life and that the world is going to be brighter with your participation and creativity. Don’t hide the things you love to do, share them with a world which is desperately in need of your talents. Shine the light on you. We will all be enriched by it.



2 thoughts on “Uncovering the Artist

  1. Fascinating film – I saw it on the return flight from Ireland! Vivian Maier was a strange woman, however, and I don’t want to be strange in that way. 🙂

    Cheers, Marianne

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    • Aloha Marianne. Her quirks certainly came across in the trailer. I wonder if she would have changed in any way if she would have shared her talent. Definitely have to see the movie. Incidentally, you have always shined and that’s a blessing!

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