Looking for Fun in All the Right Places

I’ve rediscovered a guilty pleasure….posing in the cutouts that are appearing everywhere img_5764these  days. It doesn’t cost anything, there are no calories to count, and inevitably it brings a smile to my face. When was the last time you dropped your adult mask and played with what appeared randomly in front of you? We are so caught up in doing the responsible thing, addressing the “shoulds”, “woulds” and “coulds” in our heads, losing the joy in the moment. Take a break. Have some spontaneous fun. Let go of what others think. Let go about what you think. Stay in the moment and laugh. The world can use more laughter.

After a long hiatus where I immersed myself in moving, unpacking, classes and more, it’s great to be back writing. I can’t wait to share what I’ve found with you all.

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