Making Snow Angels

For those on the East Coast, you are either digging out or wondering where the mountains of snow are in your world. We made the requisite run to the grocery store for milk and toilet paper…although I really think the run is really for a chance to share stories in the IMG_5141 copygrocery line about our ability to overcome obstacles brought on by nature. Rarely, do I hear stories about playing in the snow and making snow angels anymore. Where did the anticipation of a snowfall go? Do you remember dragging your sled to the nearest hill and flying down it? Sinking into snowdrifts as you walked across the yard? Falling back on the fresh snow, spreading your arms and making snow angels? Where did the fun go?

Let’s take back the “wonder” in winter wonderland! Look at the snow with the eyes of a child. Bundle up in layers and go outside. Tromp through the drifts. Borrow a cafeteria tray and slide down a hill. Fall back and create a snow angel! Have some fun…shoveling the driveway can wait.

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